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Commercial Health Insurance

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Affordable health insurance for you and your employees

Protect the health of your business

  • Cover yourself and your employees, plus dependents
  • Hire and retain the best employees by offering competitive benefits
  • Choose from a broad selection of plans from brand-name insurers
  • Get personal help and advice from licensed agents at no extra cost

When you're required to offer health insurance to employees

Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time workers are generally not required to provide group health insurance coverage

Small Business Group Health

We can help you compare different plans from different insurers in your area to find the one for your needs and budget. Come see what is available.


If you’re self-employed, or if you’re paying contractors on a 1099 basis , you may qualify for group health insurance coverage

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You and your employees have worked hard to build your business. Now, it’s time to reinvest in your greatest asset: your employees. For many small and medium businesses, that means health insurance. 

Individual vs Group

Small business health insurance plans generally provide robust health insurance coverage than what’s available in the individually purchased health insurance. 


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Group Health Insurance

Setting up a group health insurance plan for your employees can be not only confusing but time consuming as well. If you already have a plan in place how do you know you have the right plan for your company? That’s where we come in, after a brief consultation, we will comb through all the available plans and present you with a concise side by side comparison of the plans that meet your criteria. After your review, we will answer any questions and even provide you with alternate quotes if the plans presented did not meet your needs.